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1. Why Luxe Autos?
A: This company prides itself on quality and phenomenal customer service, leaving every client with a top of the line experience as well as worry-free longevity with your new vehicle.
2. How are you able to save me money?
A: We work for you, & not the dealership but because we buy thousands of cars each year we are able to acquire wholesale pricing generally thousands off MSRP & even under invoice.  Those savings get passed down to you  
3. Why should I go to Luxe Autos & not the dealerships?
A: Nobody wants to sit in the dealership for 2+ hours to find out whether or not they are eligible for a car they want. Each dealership is only able to give you pricing and information about their brand. We save you the shopping around, we can give you pricing and information on ALL brands, saving you time & money.
On used cars, dealerships want to sell you what they have in their inventory. The longer it sits there the more it costs them, Luxe Autos holds ZERO inventory allowing us to get you the exact car you are looking for, at the lowest price.
4. How do I pick up my car?
There's no need to worry about picking up your new car, Luxe Autos will hand deliver your vehicle to your home, your job, wherever is convenient for you. All done without you ever having to go near the dealership.
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